GalleryLocker and FileLocker app has been SOLD to another company. Existing Users, unlock the locked files from app and move to the new FolderVault App from Google PlayStore.

Problem With

Download v5.0

(Option to unlock files)
Problem 1: Cannot Install App

This happens because, You trying to install 'Non-playstore app'.
1.Un-install Existing App
(locked files will not be deleted. they are stored in a folder on your device.)
2.Download App APK,
(choose Google Drive app to download)
3.Turn-off Internet (Important)
4.Enable 'install from other-sources' in device settings and For new 8 and 9 OS please allow 'individual app permissions' for google drive/file manager from which you are trying to install
5.Install app,
6.Turn on internet after install.
7.Open app

Watch How to install Non Google PlayStore APK ? [Video]

After Install, Unlock Steps

1. Download updated APK
2. Manually "un-lock" all files from the app and uninstall.
3. Download New App
4. Use the official GooglePlay app and lock again.

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